A database is the foundation of most software. If it is performing badly, it can affect many areas of your application such as the website, batch processes, report generation, and so forth. This poor performance can have negative effects on employee productivity, custom experience, and cost you a lot of money.

We have 12+ years of experience working with relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MariaDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. At their heart a database is a collection of tables with the rows representing records and each column holding some type of data. Essentially a spreadsheet, but far more complicated and much more powerful. Having it work efficiently is one of the keys to proper database performance.

We will review your schema which is the structure of your database. How the tables are made, columns are defined, indexes into the table and their primary keys. After a thorough review, changes will be proposed and can be made if you wish. We will then setup query logging and look for poor performing queries and determine why they are taking too long to complete. Again, more changes will be proposed and can be implemented by us or your staff.

In addition to these types of changes, we are able to look at how your programs and programmers are using the database. Many times some simple changes in the programming code such as PHP, Java, or C# can have a big improvement on the performance of the database server. We look forward to helping you resolve your performance problems.