A client wanted to separate products in their warehouse based on the location where the product was to be shipped. Amazon requires splitting shipments to different fulfillment centers, and their warehouse was set up that each production line would collect and process a shipment to a single fulfillment center. Amazon had made changes to the FBA process, so the client needed a way to determine where a product was going to go when they received it.

We created a special tool that would check with Amazon where the product might go. The destination would be printed on the FNSKU label and this allowed them to route the products to where they were likely going to go. Although this wasn’t 100% accurate, most of the time it was correct and allowed them to keep their current processes in place and speed up processing in their warehouse. They had 50 people already trained and working with their current process well, and so changing it and retraining these people would have been a much more costly proposition.