You need software that fits your business

There are many, many tools out there for Amazon sellers. Amazon lists 13 categories of them in their app store in Seller Central. There are 52 for working with product listings alone. While all these tools want to help your business save time and make more money, they all require you to work their way. You must alter your business processes and practices to fit how the tool works. This can be a difficult and expensive proposition if you are already using software to run your business. Sometimes all you need is to automate a certain process or bring data from Amazon into your tools so that you can work smarter and faster.

We can create just the software you need so you don’t have to modify how your business works. We will create the bridges you need so that data can flow between your business and Amazon. This is a much cheaper proposition and much less disruptive to your business. You will get the benefits without having to go through the pain of changing how you work. While having custom software built for your business might sound expensive, it can actually be far cheaper in the long run. We already have experience with Amazon and have built the basics that are needed for report processing, updating inventory and listing data, creating shipments, and much more. We won’t be starting from scratch which means much fewer billable hours for you.


Eliminate repetitive and error-prone work

Automation allows your business to do more with the resources you already have. By leveraging software to do repetitive and boring tasks, your staff will be able to focus on more productive things. Automated processes can help eliminate human error that creeps in when a task becomes dull due to repetition. Your staff has better things to do anyway, and software can free up your staff to work on more creative projects that will benefit your business. We have decades of experience in automating report processing, collecting data, updating systems, and much more. Eliminating work is something we love to do.


Focused on what will improve your business

Custom software is focused on a specific task. Instead of trying to be a website that caters to 1000’s of sellers, it can have a laser focus on the task you need done. It doesn’t need to waste time on things like account creation and management, a flashy user interface, data separation between accounts, and a host of other issues. The work done will be on the task at hand, not on a system that must cater to all sellers. The work needed to accommodate 1000’s of sellers is eliminated. These concerns do not exist. If you don’t like how something is handled, it can be changed. It can be made to work the way you work. In this way, it is easier to develop and thus costs less, and it has flexibility to do the thing you need in exactly the way you want it done.


Bridge your current systems with Amazon’s

Amazon has many reports, programming interfaces, and systems developed to work with over 2 million sellers that sell in the marketplace. Because of this, it can be difficult to write software that works and behaves well in this environment. You need someone that knows these details and has dealt with them at scale. Because of the sheer number of sellers Amazon batches reports. Because other tools and programmers are trying to access your account, this can introduce throttling problems that must be dealt with. You don’t want to waste your time and money on a developer that doesn’t have experience with these issues. The software may work for a while, but as your business grows, these problems will crop up and they will have to be dealt with.

Integrating whatever system you have with Amazon is an ability we take pride in. We have worked with many different programming interfaces, databases, and programming languages. We are able to figure out how your system works and find a way to bridge it with Amazon. Whether it is through an intermediate database, special API’s, or working with the company that developed the program; we are able to work with brand new systems and leverage 25+ years of software development experience to solve the problem. If we cannot do it, we will let you know, but so far we haven’t had to say that to anyone.